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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sorry I've been gone for a while

I went camping in Dayton Ohio this weekend and checked out the National Air Force Museum.  Anyways, onto the Dead Rising 2 review!

Fortunately that is not a photograph from my trip. That, my friends, is Dead Rising 2. If you have played the first one, then you already know that mindless zombie killing is great fun, and the second is no exception. Dead Rising 2 starts off with an even more retarded story line, where the zombies are used for a game show called "Terror is Reality". You play as Chuck Greene, and must save your daughter and uncover the truth when the game show goes wrong and zombies are released on Las Vegas. Now the story is probably the most bland and uninteresting tales I've ever heard, but the game play totally makes up for it. The new big thing is combo weapons, and you can combine random items to make badass killing machines like normally useless boxing gloves with a bowie knife to make wolverine claws. Game-play is pretty much the same with the shooting redone a bit. and a larger world. The psychopaths and time limit and survivors all fall into the same line as the first, but still manages to satisfy, being slightly more content heavy and having a new system of purchasing weapons and upgrades with money you can earn online or from the slots and general game progress. One of the biggest let downs is that there is no infinite mode, leaving for much less replay value than the first. the worst part about it is how stupid Capcom is for finally adding in co-op which makes the game twice as amazing, yet no co op infinite mode let alone infinite mode by itself. There are rumors of one being developed for DLC but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Another thing that annoys me is that it seems that by the end of the game, when you add up all the weapons you can find there really are only a few useful ones, while in the first Dead Rising they seemed to be limitless. Also Capcom still has the time feature, where you must quickly escort survivors and complete side missions because you only have three in game days to finish it, which can get irritating when you just want to kill zombies for a while. Plus the difficulty is a let down, and on my first run I was able to do every case and side mission presented to me without a problem without the challenge of time management. The multiplayer is actually pretty fun, though repetitive and undeveloped. Its only purpose is to get more money to use in singleplayer, and only several people play at a time and can get hard to find a game. It basically consists of 3 random mini games followed by slicycles, and the highest score gets the most money to use in singleplayer. It is actually quite fun and I wish Capcom developed it a bit more to encourage more people to continue playing it for more fun unlockables.

The Good:
+ Good fun smash n' slash gameplay
+ Good amount of gameplay hours with some replay value
+ Capcom finally added co-op, a much needed feature
+ Weapon combos are a very nice creative touch to the zombie franchise

The Bad:
- Ridiculous  story with poor predictable ending
- No infinite mode
- Fun multiplayer, but undeveloped and purposeless
- A bit too easy

The Verdict:
Dead Rising 2 offers a great game for people who need a game to focus on for a few weeks, you can pick it up and get right into the killing. It is great fun with or without co-op, and I promise if you enjoyed the first one you will enjoy every minute of this game regardless of the minor setbacks. 8/10 for lack of infinite mode and some stupid mistakes by Capcom. I'd borrow or rent if you can for a while, don't think its worth more than 20-30 bucks.


  1. im still waiting for dead siland to come out. looks sick!!

  2. YOu're right though, multi-player is too easy.

  3. This game looks awesome. I loved the first one, I've just been waiting for the price to go down a bit more before I buy it.

  4. That still looks like

  5. Have yet to play this game...really want to.

  6. This game is really adictive once you get into it.

  7. Co-op is a necessity! It often makes the difference to me and my friends, as we tend to buy the same games.

    The lack of an infinite mode is not necessarily bad, so long as the game difficulty is right.

  8. Strap some knives to a remote controlled helicopter and go go go !

  9. I never got a chance to play the first one, I'mma check this one out.

  10. Yea your right this is a little too easy, but what can you expect from an expansion to a mod :S
    The Nostalgia Corner.

  11. Dead Rising 2 its a cool game

  12. I liked DR2, I will always love everything zombie-related.